Heart of Awakening
Angelo Vasalos

The Absolute Depth of Life

Angelo Vasalos

The absolute depth of life is here. Totally close. Actually you are looking at life from the perspective of depth. The deep. You are looking from the deep. It's totally personal. So make it totally personal. The deep is there for you...!

You can make it impersonal. But from my perspective it's better not to make it 'impersonal'. Because than you have to start meditating to stay there. You have to become artificial. That's a lot of work! You have to take distance from your problems, from your feelings, because only than you can stay in the depth. You don't want to go there! I would say, just allow the depth to be as personal for you as you can. Say: "It's my depth". It's your depth. It's our depth. The depth is everywhere.

Question: Isn't it also bullshit to "go into depth" than?!
Angelo: You don't go into depth. No! You are already in the depth. So stay there. Feel it. And allow your personal things to happen... Be the depth! Remember the depth of pure love, absolute Love. It's so blissful. It's so good. It's so empowering! Thinking about it, thinking about the truth of love, is opening up to the reality of love. Feeling the reality of love is so great. You can feel it now... It's so deep... There is only love. And nothing else. Because everything is love, even your story. Just merge. Or you could say: Allow yourself to die into it. Just have a nice death into Love. And that is the death of the separation. It's the death of the idea "that you are not IT"...